Beach Rats – “Lonely For The Night”

Brian Baker has one of the great resumes in the history of American punk rock. As a teenager, he joined Minor Threat as their bassist. In the years after that band broke up, he did stints in Government Issue, Dag Nasty, and (very briefly) Samhain, among others. (Let’s be nice and consign Doggy Style and Junkyard to the “and others” pile.) For more than 20 years, he’s been a member of Bad Religion. And now he’s got a new band called Beach Rats.

Baker plays guitar in the Beach Rats, and the band’s singer is Ari Katz, formerly of the beloved ’90s New Jersey punk band Lifetime. The rest of the lineup also features members of bands like the Bouncing Souls. They’ll release their debut EP Wasted Time next month, and they’ve shared its opening track, a fast and melodic ’80s-punk burner called “Lonely For The Night.” It sounds like the Descendents, and it fucking rules. Listen below.

The Wasted Time EP is out 7/27 on Bridge Nine.