Rome Fortune – “Hoodrich Disco” (Prod. Toro Y Moi)

Years from now, we might look at the Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune as one of the pioneers of the whole hedonistic, pill-gobbling, genre-blurring SoundCloud-rap wave. For years now, Rome Fortune has been rapping intense, personal lyrics and get-buck exhortations over tracks that can come from anywhere and everywhere. He’s worked with producers like Four Tet and Jacques Greene. And in 2015, he guested on Toro Y Moi’s “Pitch Black.” Today, he’s teamed up once again with Toro Y Moi, and the results are pretty great.

Rome Fortune’s new track “Hoodrich Disco” is exactly what the title implies: A rich, luxuriant, pillowy mirror-ball rap song. Toro Y Moi mastermind Chaz Bundick’s production is almost absurdly elaborate, with house pianos and bubbling bass and pianos zooming off in every direction. And Rome Fortune stays on top of it nimbly, doing effortlessly breezy party-starter rap.

Toro Y Moi’s production rarely sticks to any one particular vision, and that’s one of the best things about his work. But I’d love to hear him doing more squelchy, crushed-velvet disco-house like this. Check out “Hoodrich Disco” below, via 2DopeBoyz.

This appears to be a one-off SoundCloud loosie for now, but would anyone complain if it led to more?