Stream Lily Konigsberg 4 picture tear

Stream Lily Konigsberg 4 picture tear

Lily Konigsberg is a member of the bands Palberta and Lily And Horn Horse. We named the latter one of the 40 Best New Bands of 2017 based on the strength of their releases Next To Me and Lily On Horn Horse. Konigsberg unceremoniously uploaded a remarkable new collection of solo tracks to Bandcamp titled 4 picture tear this week. Comprising three songs, the project was inspired by what Konigsberg calls a “brain crack,” or a depressive episode. “here are some songs I wrote in the past week that I want to show you. they are all sad,” Konigsberg writes.

That period of extreme emotional instability wrought three songs: “to hold it,” “rock and sin,” and “7 smile.” Konigsberg’s output with other bands favors a dadaist, experimental sensibility over straightforward pop songs. 4 picture tear is different. These are unfussy, hooky songs delivered with intense sincerity. The closing track, “7 smile,” is a guitar-driven lament that deals in insecurity. “The point is not exactly where I am the point is what I’m not,” Konigsberg sings repeatedly in a hypnotic half-whisper. It sounds like the final word in a long, difficult conversation.

Listen to 4 picture tear below.

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