Saturday Night – “Curse Or Blessing”

Saturday Night came together almost by accident. Guitarist Cash Langdon and bassist Luke Reddick, both veterans of the Washington, DC punk and DIY scenes, ended up booking a last-minute gig and were forced to write songs to play before the deadline. Jesse Sattler, who they had just met at another show that week, played drums, and they later enlisted vocalist and keyboardist Nora Button, who had never played keyboard before. The band Saturday Night was born.

The freewheeling spontaneity apparent in their origin story is a key element of Saturday Night’s sound, a particularly appealing brand of infectious power-pop. Their self-titled debut album is set to arrive in August, and today they’ve shared a new song called “Curse Or Blessing,” in which Langdon and Button trade off lead vocals over a constant forward rush of guitar and drums. Listen below via NPR.

Saturday Night is out 8/17 via Gentle Reminder. You can pre-order at Bandcamp.