Half Waif – “Ocean Scope” Video

In April, Half Waif enchanted us with her third full-length album, Lavender, a vivid collection of experimental synth songs that explore what it means to feel at home, reconciling with both longing and belonging. Today, she’s released visuals for the album’s undulating closer, “Ocean Scope.”

The striking Kenna Hynes-directed video feels like a reckoning, and a very cool-toned one at that. In it, Plunkett travels from a picturesque body of water at dusk to a room where she’s beckoned by a glowing orb of purple light, only to return back to the salt marsh at dawn. The video ends on a bright shot of Plunkett looking out onto the placid water; just as the song resolves to a major chord, it seems that Half Waif finds a resolution of her own. “I don’t wanna know how this ends/In the grand scope of things, I know.”

Of the video, Nandi Rose Plunkett says: 

The video for “Ocean Scope” was treated in the same manner as the song — that is, as a closer, a bookend. “Ocean Scope” (the final track on Lavender) is an ultimate ending after an album full of talk of endings. The lyrics deal with confronting death, likening it to the onslaught of a loud sound before the song devolves into instrumental chatter. The track eventually resolves on a major chord as a sentiment of acceptance. To follow this structure, the video starts and ends on a salt marsh, where the land meets the ocean, with the first section occurring at dusk and the final section at dawn. What happens in the night in between is a spiritual reverie, a walk through the ego and revisiting of past selves.

Watch below.

Lavender is available now via Cascine.