Stream Stringer My Bad

Stream Stringer My Bad

Stringer have been kicking around NYC’s rock circles for a while now. The group’s original, core duo of Mark Fletcher and Max Kagan met on December 12, 2012, during a 24-hour noise show at the now-defunct DIY venue Shea Stadium, an erstwhile hub for Stringer’s members and their collaborators. After initially playing as Heeney, Kagan and Fletcher were joined by drummer Johnny Spencer and bassist Riley Zimmer and rechristened themselves Stringer. Now, they’re finally about to unveil their debut LP My Bad.

We previously heard lead single “Ghosts.” That track was a raw account of watching their hometown of NYC change before their eyes, as appropriate an intro as any for an album with a cover that features New York’s skyline in the rearview, an explosion blooming above it. Now, Stringer is streaming the entirety of My Bad ahead of its release tomorrow.

Fittingly enough for their first full-length LP, My Bad is the summation of the last several years in Stringer’s life. Here’s what Kagan had to say about the collection:

Behold My Bad. The synthesis of years of personal chaos and recent horrific historical trends. The sum total of our anxieties played fast and loud. With the help of our dear friend Adam Reich (of Shea Stadium and So So Glos renown), we’ve been able to manifest our fears and demons into a record for all to enjoy. After all, rock’s not dead, just screaming in horrible pain.

On one hand, “Ghosts” was also an effective intro aesthetically. True to their Shea Stadium pedigree, Stringer often play furious, scraggly rock music that manages to evoke the frantic energy of the city they call home but also the constant war against your surroundings that can come with living in New York. Across the album, there are also stylistic modulations, with Stringer occasionally employing a sound that’s akin to a roughened echo of ’80s college rock or ’90s indie. Check out the whole thing for yourself below.

My Bad is out 7/13 via Wiretap Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Maverick Inman

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