Black Eyed Peas Address Police Brutality On Debussy-Sampling “Get It”

Black Eyed Peas shared a new single today called “Get It.” The track and accompanying Ben Mor-directed video tackle police brutality. In the clip, ICE agents and police stop-and-frisk people of color and harass the homeless on the streets. The political commentary escalates as a group of white men wearing Make America Great Again hats and carrying tiki torches walk past an African American man who’s been shot by a cop.

“Get It” opens with a sample of the French composer Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.” Though the classical song dates back to the 1890s, it became wildly popular in the mainstream after it was featured in Ocean’s Eleven (2001). Twilight fans will remember it as the song Edward plays Bella on piano during a rendezvous.

On “Get It,” raps about his personal connection to the song’s themes: “All I wanna do is win/Man, I’ve been winning since way back when/In my ma’s eyes I had a Maybach then/Fast forward now Maybachs weren’t in/In and out the project was a project/Mama said progress is the process.”

Watch Mor’s interpretation of “Get It” below.