Kristin Hersh – “No Shade In Shadow”

The former Throwing Muses leader Kristin Hersh has been making stunning, head-spinning music for decades. (“Your Ghost,” the Michael Stipe duet from her 1994 solo debut Hips And Makers, is the sort of song that gets inscribed on your soul if you hear it at the right point in your life.) Hersh has been continuing to crank out new records in recent years, and later this year, she’ll follow up 2016’s Wyatt At The Coyote Palace with a new album called Possible Dust Clouds.

“No Shade In Shadow,” the first single from the new album, is a real head-wrecker. It’s way more blurry and chaotic than most of Hersh’s music. There’s enough heavy effects-pedal phasing on the song to leave you disoriented. And of course there’s also Hersh’s voice, a naturally expressive wonder. Of the new music, Hersh says:

Sometimes the most subversive thing I can do musically is adhere to standard song structure, sometimes the creepiest chords are the ones we’ve heard before, twisted into different shapes, and sometimes a story is lived a thousand times before we can ride it like a roller coaster. Nothing wholly unfamiliar is gonna make you look twice. When you can describe a record as being “deceptively” anything, you’re hinting at the sociopathic nature of music. Something I love. Imagine truly buying your own sunshine and charm, but also your darkness and violence; the two sides of your psychology showing each other off in relief. Songs can do that… we can’t, really. Darkness we’ve seen. Dark sunshine? Still cool.

And here’s the song, via Pitchfork:

Possible Dust Clouds is out 10/5 on Fire Records.