DJ Durel & Migos – “Hot Summer”

You wanted more Migos music in your life, right? Sure, they released an endless and interminable double album earlier this year. Sure, all three members of the group have been all over the guest-appearance circuit in recent months. Sure, it’s already basically impossible to listen to 15 minutes of rap radio without hearing Quavo’s voice. Sure, an Offset guest appearance was apparently all it took to reboot Tyga’s career. But the Migos appetite will never die down, right? So here’s another Migos song!

The new single “Hot Summer” is officially credited to DJ Durel, Migos’ longtime collaborator. But it’s really just a straight-up Migos track with slightly more Durel ad-libs. As Migos songs go, it’s pretty good it’s a graceful lope with a slight dancehall influence, and Takeoff, in particular, remains laser-focused. It is, however, another Migos song. And there’s maybe just a slight chance that you don’t need another one of those in your life right now.

This song vitally important in one way. It is a hot summer. Climate change is a growing problem, and this summer is, once again, the hottest one on record. We can feel ourselves edging ever-closer to global calamity, even as the American government shuts down environmental regulation across the board. Thanks to Migos for drawing attention to this crucial issue. Here’s the song:

“Hot Summer” is out now at iTunes.

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