Shannen Moser – “Arizona (I Wanna Be Your Man)”

Early last year, Shannen Moser released her debut album, Oh, My Heart, which came on the heels of a pair of home-recorded demo collections. Moser is from Berks County, PA, but now calls nearby Philadelphia her home. In a few months, she’ll put out her sophomore album, I’ll Sing, its title a declaration that refuses to get lost among the noise.

She trades in dusty, classic-sounding folk songs. I’ll Sing’s lead single, “Arizona (I Wanna Be Your Man),” is indicative of her simple but evocative songwriting. It’s a song about steadfast waiting that recalls the open road. “In Arizona, we could be cowboys or lovers or thieves or nothing at all/ Come on, baby, tell me what you’re thinking of, ‘cus I want it all,” Moser sings, her voice sticky-sweet against a backdrop of whistles and twanging guitars.

Listen below.

01 “47th Street”
02 “Haircut Song”
03 “Joanna”
04 “Every Town”
05 “Baby Blue”
06 “Arizona (I Wanna Be Your Man)”
07 “Hallelujah”
08 “Blacktop Mountain”
09 “The Ballad Of Freddie Jones”
10 “Your Window Seat”
11 “West Texas Blues”
12 “One For Mama”
13 “Trouble”
14 “Pleasentville”
15 “I’ll Sing”

I’ll Sing is out 9/7 via Lame-O Records.