The Spirit Of The Beehive – “d​.​o​.​u​.​b​.​l​.​e​.​u​.​r​.​o​.​n​.​g.” Video

Last month, the Spirit Of The Beehive announced their forthcoming album Hypnic Jerks with the release of lead single “can i receive the contact?” Today we’re getting the second single “d.o.u.b.l.e.u.r.o.n.g.” and its music video.

The first minute and a half of the track is a voice recording of an old man talking about his grandchildren and birdcages. Then the Philadelphia psych-rockers fall into their usual blend of dreamy aggression. The lyrics loom with an inescapable sadness: “I’m in someone else’s head that’s why it’s wrong/ I’m saying things all wrong/ I’m doing things so wrong/ Now everything is wrong.” And the video patches together vintage home videos of family trips and kids running through backyards and bikes with training wheels. In the interims, the band sits solemnly against a brick wall. Watch and listen below.

Hypnic Jerks is out 9/14 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.