Rico Nasty – “Wanna Do”

Rico Nasty is riding one of those waves where a hungry young rapper chews up and spits out any beat you feed them. She brought that fire and charisma to her breakout full-length Nasty, a project we liked quite a bit, and has continued to breathe proudly raunchy fire on subsequent loosie “Big Dick Energy.” And now she’s out here going hard on another standalone track.

As The Fader points out, “Wanna Do” is a skittering, burbling, bouncing production courtesy of Tay Goes In and The Real Chinoo. It finds Nasty growling her way through a seriously impressive series of boasts and taunts. The one that best sums up her performance is probably “You think that I’m in the ocean the way that I ride the beat/ Eat all of these bitches up for breakfast like bon appetit,” but I think my personal favorite is “My brain is different colors, man, it look just like the rainbow/ I change hairstyles more than these bitches change clothes.” I guess I just love that frequently changing hairstyles is considered a flex.

Hear “Wanna Do” below, and check out our recent Rico Nasty interview while you’re at it.

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