Gabby’s World – “Rear View”

Gabrielle Smith used to record music as Eskimeaux, and then briefly as Ó, and now she’s back with a new project name, Gabby’s World, and a new album, Beast On Beast, which will be out in November. It’s Smith’s first full-length since 2015’s O.K., which we named one of the best albums of that year.

Beast On Beast was recorded last year at the now-closed Silent Barn’s Gravesend Studios with Smith’s usual band of collaborators: Bellows’ Oliver Kalb, Told Slant’s Felix Walworth, and Sharpless’ Jack Greenleaf. It was engineered and mixed by Ava Luna’s Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader, and further added on to by Smith and Kalb, who rounded up contributions from WHY?’s Yoni Wolf, Frankie Cosmos’ Greta Kline, the Rapture’s Luke Jenner, and Real Estate’s Alex Bleeker.

“Rear View,” the first we’re hearing from the album, is the sort of ebullient pop song that Smith does so well. It’s about wanting to cut out the noise and get to what’s most important in life, and recurring thought patterns that take the form of music, told in long drives and furtive glances. “Deep in the swirling space where my body and the world collide/ Focused only on how to find a volume knob and turn it down/ Way, way down,” Smith sings in its first lines.

Listen below.

01 “Winter, Withdraw”
02 “Rear View”
03 “Ode”
04 “I Get You”
05 “Beast On Beast”
06 “Eyes For You”
07 “Body”
08 “Vignette / Lesson”
09 “Capable”
10 “Tour Mate Sex Dream”
11 “When I Felt Giving”
12 “Arrival”

Beast On Beast is out 11/2 via Yellow K Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Chris Sikich