Mirah – “Ordinary Day”

Mirah – “Ordinary Day”

Veteran indie singer-songwriter Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn has a new album called Understanding out next week. In the weeks since we announced the album with lead single “Hot Hot,” she’s shared a couple more songs called “Information” and “Lighthouse.” And with the album suddenly imminent, we’re checking back in for the final pre-release track, “Ordinary Day.”

As Brooklyn Vegan explains, this is not a Vanessa Carlton cover, but it does share a whimsical theatricality with Carlton’s song. Over a pitter-patter of distorted keyboard bleeps and bloops, Mirah launches into a melody straight out of a decades-old musical. “It’s called an ordinary day, but that doesn’t describe it,” she sings. “What’s called an ordinary day has so much inside it.”

From there the song shifts shape several times, eventually concluding with a big, bold mantra: “We won’t stop falling in love!” Hear it below along with Mirah’s other recent singles.

Understanding is out 9/7 on Absolute Magnitude. Pre-order it here.

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