Rachel Lightner – “Yeah…” & Greg Mendez – “Better”

Rachel Lightner – “Yeah…” & Greg Mendez – “Better”

Rachel Lightner heads up the great Brooklyn rock band Nervous Dater and Greg Mendez is a Philadelphia songwriter who has amassed an impressive collective of material, and together they’ve paired up for a split EP featuring four new home-recorded songs from each of them.

The singles from each side are good examples of what you can come up with when you’re home alone and working through some music. Lightner’s “Yeah…” is an impressionistic story song about advice given but never taken. “I told you so,” she sings amidst starry pianos and guitar. Mendez’s, on the other hand, is more pointed and precise, all wet smacks and fear. “Believe me, I’ve seen better days,” he sings. “My body starts to decay/ But maybe you’ll still love me then.”

Listen to both of them below.

01 Greg Mendez – “Better”
02 Greg Mendez – “Ride”
03 Greg Mendez – “Planes”
04 Greg Mendez – “Harmony”
05 Rachel Lightner – “Yeah…”
06 Rachel Lightner – “Harvard”
07 Rachel Lightner – “Saddest Song”
08 Rachel Lightner – “Exhaust”

The Greg Mendez / Rachel Lightner split is out 9/6. Pre-order it here.

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