Stream Sore Points’ Self-Titled Debut

The Vancouver trio Sore Points play supremely catchy and snotty old-school bash-it-out punk. There’s a whole lot of Ramones in their attack, but there’s plenty of early late-’70s hardcore, too. They call themselves Vancouver’s fastest band, which is probably true; their jagged melodic tantrums almost never get past the two-minute mark. The members of the band come from previous groups like Nervous Talk and Spectres, and all three of them are over six feet tall, which is fun to think about. They released a demo in 2016 and a 7″ EP last year, and they’ve just come out with their first full-length album. If you were into Dark Thoughts’ At Work, you’ll find a whole lot to like here. Check it out below.

Sore Points is out now on Deranged Records.

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