Stream Tragedy’s New EP Fury

Tragedy are folk heroes within the modern punk rock underground, and they hardly ever put out new music, so this is a fucking event. The Portland-via-Memphis band formed out of the ashes of His Hero Is Gone, and they’ve been cranking out titanic, molten crusty D-beat hardcore ever since 2000. They have never released an album that will not absolutely rip your face off of your skull and stomp it into the dirt. But they haven’t released anything since 2012’s Darker Days Ahead, which itself was the band’s first album in six years. So the existence of a new Tragedy EP is a reason to get extremely excited.

As Brooklyn Vegan reports, Tragedy played a Portland show on Friday night. At that show, they released a vinyl version of Fury, a new record that they made with veteran heavy-music producer Billy Anderson. (Brooklyn Vegan is calling it an album, but it’s six songs, so that looks like an EP to me.) Fury is now online.

On first listen, Fury is exactly what you’d what a new Tragedy record to sound like. It’s hard and fast and murky and bursting with rage, but there are actual hooks buried in there, and some of the guitar leads are power-metal-level triumphant. Everything about this fucking rules. Listen to Fury below.

Fury is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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