Men I Trust – “Seven” Video

Since forming a few years ago, the Montreal band Men I Trust have built up an airtight collection of dreamy pop songs. They have two full-lengths to their name so far — a 2014 self-titled and 2015’s Headroom — and since their last album, they’ve been putting out breezy one-offs with ease, most recently with “Show Me How” this past winter.

Today, they’re back with a new track called “Seven,” a good example of the sort of amniotic haze they conjure with their songs. It’s all watery base lines and detached vocals, and there’s a dark undercurrent that runs underneath: “In the shadows he saw four eyes, lit by fire/ He’d never done that with a lover before,” Emma Proulx sings.

The song comes attached to a self-directed music video that follows three young women on a surreal forest adventure. Watch and listen below.

“Seven” is out now.

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