Stream YBN Crew’s YBN: The Mixtape

Less than a year ago, YBN Nahmir, a teenage rapper from Alabama who sounded like he was from the Bay Area, came out with his video for “Rubbin’ Off The Pain,” which pretty quickly became a huge viral hit. Nahmir turned out to be part of the YBN Crew, a group of young rappers who came from around the country and who met each other online, freestyling while playing Grand Theft Auto. They’ve since emerged as a group with a whole lot of potential.

In the past few months, YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Cordrae have followed Nahmir to ascendant-rapper fame, and all three of them have been cranking out songs. They all can really rap, which makes them stand out in the SoundCloud-rap space, and Cordrae, in particular, has just a ridiculous amount of upside. And all three of them show it off on the new release YBN: The Mixtape, their first full-length.

YBN: The Mixtape includes recent online favorites like “Rubbin Off The Paint,” Nahmir’s “Bounce Out With That,” and Cordrae’s “Kung Fu.” It’s also got guest appearances from people like Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, and Machine Gun Kelly. The mixtape is over long and immature, but it also gives us three young and hungry rappers who are willing and able to flex hard over bouncy beats that fit their voices nicely. Stream the whole mixtape below.

YBN: The Mixtape is out now.