Yumi Zouma – “Crush (It’s Late, Just Stay)”

Even with members scattered around the globe, Yumi Zouma have mastered electric, cushiony pop — the musical equivalent of what I like to think dancing in a silk dress would feel like. Today, the New Zealanders are sharing the second single off their forthcoming EP III, the concluding installment of the EP series they began in 2014.

Where lead single “In Camera” was a billowing, soft banger, “Crush (It’s Late, Just Stay)” is grounded in a bitterness. It’s the thrill of the chase, along with all the uncertainty and vulnerable heart throbs. But it’s still just as fun to dance to.

Listen below and check out the tracklist.

01 “Powder Blue/Cascine Park”
02 “Crush (It’s Late, Just Stay)”
03 “Looking Over Shoulders”
04 “In Camera”

EP III is out 9/28 on Cascine. Pre-order it here.

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