Clams Casino – “Gravity”

Last year, Clams Casino released the fourth installment of his Instrumentals mixtape series. The New Jersey-based producer collaborated with R&B experimentalist serpentwithfeet over the summer, and now he’s back to abstract arrangements with a new track via Adult Swim Singles.

“Gravity” sounds like what you’d hear waiting in line for a haunted amusement park ride. Clams Casino and Chicago beat maker Plu2o Nash lay out spooky inklings: Whips cracking, evil laughter, lasers. It’s a quick excursion, an introduction to something looming in the distance. Hopefully that something is more new music from Clammy. Listen to “Gravity” below.

“Gravity” is out now via Adult Swim Singles. Check out the song’s accompanying demon robo-kitty animation here.