Zero 7 – “Mono”

You remember Zero 7, right? The UK downtempo production duo has been kicking around since 1997, when they did a pretty prominent remix of Radiohead’s “Climbing Up The Walls.” Sia was singing on their records long before she was famous. For a long time, they made a whole lot of music that you’d hear in upscale bars and H&M dressing rooms.

Zero 7 haven’t been doing too much lately; the last time we heard from them was “Last Light,” a 2015 collaboration with José González. (González, like Sia, is a longtime Zero 7 collaborator; he was jumping on tracks with them back in 2006.) Today, Zero 7 broke their silence and came out with a new single called “Mono.” It’s a warm, satisfying zone-out with organic percussion and delicate synths. A singer with the difficult-to-Google name Hidden gives a soulfully understated performance. Check it out below.

In a press release, Zero 7 say, “The hiatus is back off, again (as the Beastie Boys once put it). We’re pleased to share new track ‘Mono’, a collaboration with our friend Hidden. More new music coming up.” So stay tuned.

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