Toro Y Moi – “Freelance” Video

Toro Y Moi – “Freelance” Video

“Oh, walk on the water for me/ Just for me, baby/ OK?” So goes the hook from “Freelance,” the lead single from Chaz Bear’s latest Toro Y Moi album. The erstwhile Chaz Bundick recorded the bitingly titled Outer Peace after returning to his Bay Area home base from a year surrounded by nature in the Portland area. He was inspired — and apparently disgusted — by the culture shock upon his return.

In the case of “Freelance,” that whiplash manifests itself in a contagious modern twist on robotic disco-funk. Sounding cool to the point of emotionlessness under heavy vocal processing, Bear takes the piss out of Silicon Valley faux-enlightenment with lines such as “Mystic staring at his phone for oneness/ Silver or black mirror, what’s the difference?” and “No more shoes and socks, I only rock sandals/ I can’t tell if I’m hip or getting old.”

The song’s music video, directed by longtime Toro collaborator Harry Israelson, seems to turn his creative process into a photo shoot and a photo shoot into something somehow more important than the creative process. According to a press release, “The video offers a look inside Toro’s production process, all while existing in the same world as the album’s cover art.” So maybe I’m reading more sarcasm into this footage than intended, but either way it’s a captivating video for a hell of a song.

Watch below.

01 “Fading”
02 “Oridnary Pleasure”
03 “Laws of the Universe”
04 “Miss Me” (Feat. ABRA)
05 “New House”
06 “Baby Drive It Down”
07 “Freelance”
08 “Who Am I”
09 “Monte Carlo” (Feat. WET)
10 “50-50″ (Feat. Instupendo)

Outer Peace is out 1/18 on Carpark. Pre-order it here.

Toro Y Moi
CREDIT: Jack Bool

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