Cardi B – “Money”

Cardi B – “Money”

Cardi B has been all over the place this year, showing a level of pop dominance that we haven’t seen from a rookie rapper in years. But Cardi hasn’t released any solo tracks since she released her shockingly strong debut LP Invasion Of Privacy in April. Or at least, she hasn’t released any solo tracks until now. Today, Cardi comes out with the new solo single “Money,” and it is nasty.

“Money” is a piece of undiluted latter-day New York rap, with Cardi flexing over a stripped-down beat from producer CB2. The song only barely has a chorus. It’s pretty much entirely Cardi talking shit over a few bass tones and piano notes: “All y’all bitches in trouble / Bring brass knuckles to the scuffle / I heard that Cardi went pop / Yeah, I did go pop / That’s me busting they bubble.”

This is exactly the sort of song that Cardi B should be making right now. It’s tough and immediate, and it projects the same larger-than-life sneer that made Cardi sound like such a revelation on “Bodak Yellow” more than a year ago. Listen below.

“Money” is out now on the streaming services.

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