Tyga – “Dip” (Feat. Nicki Minaj) Video

Tyga hits come in fits and starts, but he’s on another hot streak. The Compton rapper just had a top 10 hit with the Offset collab “Taste,” a mainstay of this year’s rap radio playlists. And he may have another smash on his hands with a new version of his recent single “Dip” now featuring Nicki Minaj.

The song is built around burbling 808s, a simple riff played on orchestral strings, and Tyga’s even simpler “Make it dip, make it dip” hook. He and Minaj deliver suitably authoritative shit-talk verses, confidently flexing like it’s the peak of the Young Money era. Not particularly substantial yet compulsively listenable nonetheless, it’s easy to imagine a track this one going into heavy radio rotation as well.

But what might also help a lot is the video, directed by Tyga and Arrad. It’s an homage to Michael and Janet Jackson’s iconic “Scream” video, the spaceship-set clip that was once so inescapable that MTV and VH1 would often play it at the same time. This one has its own twists — like Nicki holding a miniature doll version of Tyga? — but the outer space motif and black-and-white color palette remain.

Watch below, and stick around for the original “Scream” video for old times’ sake.