Hear John Carpenter’s Theme Song For Horror Streaming Service Shudder

John Carpenter is one of the undisputed masters of horror, directing countless classic films and composing the spine-chilling music in their iconic scores. When we listed 31 essential horror soundtrack songs today, one of the biggest challenges was deciding which iconic John Carpenter score to include. And so it makes a lot of sense that Shudder, the horror streaming service, has tapped Carpenter to write and record their theme song.

Carpenter’s theme is, perhaps unsurprisingly, called “Shudder.” And, perhaps unsurprisingly again, it’s filled with ominous synth pulses and eerie strings. Pitchfork reports that Shudder will begin playing five-second clips of the song in front of its streaming video content starting on Halloween, but you can stream the whole thing to your heart’s content right now below.