Rosalía – “Di Mi Nombre” Video

In the past few months, the 25-year-old Spanish singer Rosalía Vila Tobella has become a regular in our 5 Best Vidoes Of The Week column. Rosalía has recorded tracks with international stars like Pharrell and J Balvin, and she’s achieved star status in her homeland. Her sound is fascinating, a future-pop take on Spain’s age-old flamenco tradition. But what really sets her apart is her videos, gorgeously produced freaked-out fantasias that do fascinating things with symbols of Spanish identity.

On Friday, Rosalìa will release her much-anticipated album El Mal Querer. She wrote and produced the album herself, and it’s co-produced by El Guincho, the Spanish producer who got a fair amount of hype during the chillwave era. And on the eve of the album’s release, she’s shared a new video for the gorgeously thrumming single “Di Mi Nombre.”

Director Henry Schofield’s video is presented as a single take, though I’m pretty sure there’s at least one cut in there. In the clip, we see Rosalía dancing in a bed and across a living room, where everything is lit like a ’70s Italian horror movie. She radiates a sort of seductive menace and a very real charisma. Watch the video below, and while you’re at it, watch her incredible “Malamente” and “Pienso En Tu Mirá” videos, as well.

El Mal Querer is out 11/2 on Sony.