Sneaks – “The Way It Goes”

Eva Moolchan has been making autre rock music for a while now. On the Washington, DC-based artist’s first two albums, 2016’s Gymnastics and last year’s It’s A Myth, it took the form of tightly-coiled punk songs that were concise and unassailable. On next year’s Highway Hypnosis, she expands her horizons to include rubber-band beats and a shuffling, pop-included forward momentum.

A few weeks ago, she shared the creeping “Beliefs” off her upcoming new album, and today she’s back with an official album announcement and a bulletproof new single, “The Way It Goes.” On it, Moolchan riffs on top of a cocky, M.I.A.-indebted beat that switches up a couple times throughout the song but never stops oozing cool. “And when the match is lit, it goes on fire,” she repeats on the track, incisive and incendiary.

Listen below.

01 “Highway Hypnosis”
02 “The Way It Goes”
03 “Ecstasy”
04 “Suck It Like A Whistle”
05 “Addis”
06 “Saiditzoneza”
07 “Money Don’t Grow On Trees”
08 “Cinnamon”
09 “Holy Cow Never Saw A Girl Like Her”
10 “Beliefs”
11 “And We’re Off”
12 “A Lil Close”
13 “Hong Kong To Amsterdam”

Highway Hypnosis is out 1/25 via Merge Records. Pre-order it here.

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