NIIGHTS – “So Into You” Video

NIIGHTS – “So Into You” Video

“So Into You” sounds like the title of a track off Avril Lavigne’s Under My Skin, and it might as well be. It’s what Cleveland alt-rock dream-pop hybrid NIIGHTS call their glorious ode to insatiable teen infatuation, off their upcoming album Hellebores.

The track seesaws between dreamy, wistful synth-pop and overwrought pop-punk explosions, while the video is pure magic. I cringed at the first few shots, assuming it was a cruel parody of teen girl fandom, but the full story reveals it as a shameless celebration.

A camcorder-quality shot pans around a teen girl’s bedroom as frontwoman Jenna Fournier, styled like a Hayley Williams protegé, moons over her band posters, doodles a Pete Wentz lookalike, and throws herself around the room, devastated by heartache until friends crawl out from the bed and closet, transforming her pity party into a rager. One of the bands from her posters shows up to the party, and offers her the mic. It all turns out to be just a fantasy, but in the morning she discovers that she has magically appeared in the band’s poster overnight.

The video is a caricature, but a loving one that captures the kind of crush that teen girls are berated for, but which is a part of everyone’s life at one point or another. Fournier elaborates via email:

Infatuation can strike at any age, and it made me feel like a kid again when it happened to me, so I knew I wanted to time-travel with this video. The song itself is just about experiencing an all-consuming crush on a person who is out of reach, but giving you just enough attention to let your head spin and send you on an emotional roller-coaster. I wanted the video to chuckle at this because a lot of people can relate to the feeling, but I also wanted it to go further with the story and send a message of empowerment, especially for young girls.

Watch below.

Hellebores is out in February on Sun Pedal. Pre-order it here.

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