Watch Thom Yorke Play “Everything In Its Right Place” & “Suspirium” For BBC’s Radio 1 Piano Sessions

“Will that do? Is that all right?” That’s Thom Yorke, after having played a shattering solo-piano version of Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place.” The Radiohead frontman had just turned the opening track from Kid A, a fractured and prismatic sonic experiment, into a tender and fragile internal ballad, and his immediate response to his own performance is to wonder whether it was acceptable. And it’s like: Yeah, buddy, that was OK. I’m pretty sure you got it.

This past weekend, director Luca Guadagnino’s remake of the horror classic Suspiria hit theaters. It is supposed to be very intense. Yorke, of course, composed the movie’s score; it’s his first film soundtrack. And one of the things that Yorke has done to promote the effort is that he’s played a couple of live-in-studio performances for the BBC.

We’ve already posted videos from Yorke’s session for BBC 6 Music. And now Yorke has also played a couple of songs for Radio 1’s Piano Sessions. In a mostly-dark room, Yorke has done soft and beautiful versions of the Suspiria soundtrack highlight “Suspirium” and of “Everything In Its Right Place.” Watch both of them below.

Suspiria is in theaters now, and its score is out on XL.