Stream Portrayal Of Guilt’s Debut Album Let Pain Be Your Guide

Before “screamo” was a term applied to Alternative Press types like Bring Me The Horizon, it was a raw and expressive form of basement hardcore — as extreme and erratic and dangerous as just about any other hardcore offshoot. And there are a few bands who are currently bringing the genre back to its noisy, clangorous roots.

Portrayal Of Guilt, from Texas, make a kind of screamo that draws on grindcore and power violence and noise-rock. They don’t sound like they’re on the verge of a breakdown; they sound like they’re already deep into one. The band’s debut album Let Pain Be Your Guide is a 22-minute freakout, a turbulent miasma that’ll make you feel spun around and knocked out.

Portrayal Of Guilt have only been releasing music since last year, and they’ve already got a generous handful of 7″ singles and demos to their name. But Let Pain Be Your Guide is their first full-length statement, and its swings wildly from ominous tingles to full-on spazzouts. Majority Rule’s Matt Michel produced the album, and pg. 99’s Chris Taylor did the artwork, a clear sign that the band’s forebears are already on board. So am I. The album rules, and you can stream it at NPR.

Let Pain Be Your Guide is out 11/16 on Gilead Media.