Jay Rock – “Shit Real” (Feat. Tee Grizzley)

People will tell you that this is not a good time for straight-ahead rap hardheads. People will be wrong. Jay Rock, from Los Angeles, and Tee Grizzley, from Detroit, do not share one single face tattoo or colored dread between them, and yet the two of them are finding ways to thrive in the RapCaviar era. And now they are thriving on a song together.

Earlier this year, Jay Rock, the longtime anchor of the TDE crew, released the tough, terse, anthem-jammed album Redemption, easily the best album of the man’s long career thus far. That album dilutes none of Rock’s emotional fundamentalist fire, and yet it still sounds hard and current and urgent. And now, a few months after its release, Rock has recruited kindred spirit Tee Grizzley to appear on the one-off single “Shit Real.”

Over a minimal, hard-slapping beat, both Jay Rock and Tee Grizzley rap very, very hard, and the result is the sort of song that might inspire you to bench-press a Volkswagen Passat. Listen below.

“Shit Real” is out now on the streaming services.