Chance The Rapper – “The Man Who Has Everything” & “My Own Thing” (Feat. Joey Purp)

Over the summer, there was a rumor that young Chicago royal Chance The Rapper was about to come out with a new album. That didn’t happen. But Chance did release four new songs into the world on one Friday morning — not an EP, but four individual singles. This morning, Chance has added to that total, releasing two more, all of which have the same cover-art motif as those four from the summer.

“The Man Who Has Everything,” the first of those songs, is a warm and introspective lope of a song. The song has some of the same soul-sampling texture of the early work from Kanye West, a man who has been recording with Chance recently. But Kanye’s name isn’t in the credits of “The Man Who Has Everything.” Instead, the Chicago R&B singer and frequent Chance collaborator Jeremih co-produced the song with Nascent. (Chance has released Christmas mixtapes with Jeremih for the last two years, and I wonder whether they’ll come out with another one in the next month.)

The other new Chance song is “My Own Thing,” which has a similar feel but which is more of an all-out flex. The song features Chance’s fellow Chicago rapper and old peer Joey Purp, who comes with a fiery and impressive work. The song has four credited producers, and one of them, weirdly, is B-Real from Cypress Hill. Listen to both new songs below.

Maybe we should stop waiting for a new Chance album. Maybe he’s releasing it right now, a few songs at a time.