Chance The Rapper Shares 4 New Songs

A few days ago, news circulated online that Chance The Rapper would release a new album later this week. He’d said something about a new album in an interview, and we all took it and ran with it. But Chance quickly jumped on Twitter to clarify things: “Sorry no album this week, def been in the stu tho.” And late last night, he suddenly shared four new songs. So even if there’s no new album, there’s plenty of new Chance music.

Those four new songs — “I Might Need Security,” “Wala Cam,” “Work Out,” and “65th & Ingleside” — haven’t been packaged as an EP or anything. Apparently, they’re all standalone songs. But they’ve all got similar cover art, and they all seem to fit together. The sound is a full, cinematic variant on Chance’s usual gospel-infused soul-rap. Chance does a lot of reflective singsong rapping on all the tracks, and he radiates joy even as he settles scores.

There aren’t any famous guests on the new tracks. In fact, the only guests are Chicago rapper/producer Supa Bwe and the unknown-to-me Forever Band (presumably not the Kiss tribute band), both of whom appear on “Supa Cam.” Chance’s regular collaborator Francis & The Lights adds backing vocals to “Work Out,” and Jamie Foxx gets a co-production credit on “I Might Need Security.” But most of the producers are Chance’s regular collaborators: Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale, Nico Sagal, Lido. Listen to all four tracks below.