Stream Jonwayne’s Christmas Instrumental-Rap Album Yuletide Bangerz

We mostly know Jonwayne, the Los Angeles rapper and producer, as one of the most intensely self-reflexive rappers on the underground. He’s a rare and intense talent, and he’ll get cold and incisive about the world and his place in it. “Late Last Fall,” the single he released earlier this year, is a great example of what he can do. But apparently, Jonwayne also has a whole lot of Christmas spirit, too.

Jonwayne just shared a new Bandcamp album called Yuletide Bangerz. He never raps on it. Instead, it’s an instrumental collection, and a producer’s workout. There’s a theme: Jonwayne takes extremely familiar holiday songs — Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time,” the Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown classic “Christmas Time Is Here” — and he throws dusty underground-rap breaks under all of them.

There’s also a bit where he combines the New Boyz’ “You’re A Jerk” with the part from the first Home Alone where Kevin’s uncle says, “Look what you did, ya little jerk!” It’s fun! Stream the album below.

You can buy Yuletide Bangerz at Bandcamp.

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