Elton John – “Young Dumb & Broke” (Khalid Cover)

Elton John is 71 years old. He is not young. He has thrived for more than 50 years within the perpetual cannibalistic churn of the music business. He is not dumb. And a few years ago, CNN estimated Elton John’s net worth at $450 million. He is not broke. And yet Elton John has just shared a recording of himself singing about being young, dumb, and broke, and he sounds like he means it.

The 2017 single “Young Dumb & Broke” was probably the big breakout song for Khalid, the young (but not dumb or broke) Texan pop-R&B singer. It topped out at #18, but it made a name for the young man. And now Elton John has offered his own version of the song.

Elton just shared his Spotify Single, which features live-in-studio versions of his own classic “Bennie & The Jets” and of Khalid’s song. It’s yet another case of Elton John proving himself fully capable of finding things to love within the circa-now pop-music environment. And Elton’s lush, downbeat, thoughtful live-in-studio take on the song really is lovely. Listen to the full Spotify Single below.