Baths – “Clarence Difference”

Will Wiesenfeld has been recording gooey, melodic electronic pop for years now, whether as Baths or under the auspices of his ambient side project Geotic. Whatever the name attached to it may be, his music is always distinguished by its warmth and sheer open-hearted beauty, and new song “Clarence Difference” is no different.

The previously unreleased track is coming out as a flexi disc exclusive to subscribers of Yes Plz, a subscription-based coffee company that includes a weekly zine with every shipment. The second music issue, which ships the week of 12/24, will also include features on Baths, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Sam Wilkes, Charles Bradley, and Tom Schnabel.

Led by piano, twinkling electronics, and Wiesenfeld’s wordless vocal coos, “Clarence Difference” is patient, unhurried, and exceedingly lovely, gradually unfurling like a sunrise cresting over a distant hill. Listen to it below.