Kanye West Reportedly Working On New Album With Lil Wayne, Migos In Miami

Kanye West has not exactly been a model of stability lately. He has spent the past year loudly and incoherently embracing Donald Trump. His most recent songs are collaborations with incarcerated pariah Tekashi 6ix9ine. Last month, West publicly freaked out on Drake for following Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Last week, West reportedly pulled out of a headlining Coachella spot because the festival wouldn’t allow him to reinvent the very notion of a stage. And yet lots of famous people are evidently happy to work with the man.

TMZ reports that West has recently been in Miami, working on a possible new album, and that he’s had help. According to the site, West has been recording with Lil Wayne, Migos, Timbaland, and 2 Chainz — all past West associates or collaborators — as well as relative newcomers like Detroit’s Tee Grizzley and Florida’s YNW Melly.

There’s no word on whether this new album is Yandhi, the delayed album that West promised last year. (There’s also no word on that album that West and Chance The Rapper were supposed to be making together.) But the mere fact that West is recording in Miami, a rap hub, rather than Wyoming, the isolated landscape where he produced five albums last year, is interesting. Maybe, once Kanye West surrounds himself with his peers, he’ll figure out how to pull his head out of his ass! But, um, probably not.