Lowly – “Baglaens”

With 2017 debut Heba, Denmark’s Lowly established themselves as promising purveyors of icy, electronically tinged indie rock. I’ve often compared them to Radiohead and Fear Of Men, but from the sounds of their new single, they’re settling into a lane of their own.

Lowly will release their second album, Hifalutin, in April on Bella Union. It’s named for a word that means “pompous” or “larger than life,” i.e. the opposite of Lowly’s band name. They’re announcing it today along with lead single “Baglaens.” It’s a fascinating little song that lays operatic drama over a spare, hiccuping trip-hop groove. Nanna Schannong lets her voice soar atop the rhythm, undulating in melodic pirouettes and leveling out into trembling elongated syllables. Slowly but surely, those signature keyboard sounds come flushing in and “Baglaens” descends into a meditative state.

Listen below.

01 “Go For A Walk”
02 “Stephen”
03 “Baglaens”
04 “Staples”
05 “i”
06 “In The Hearts”
07 “Out Beyond”
08 “Children”
09 “ii”
10 “Delicate Delegates”
11 “Selver”
12 “12:36″
13 “iii”
14 “Wonder”

Hifalutin is out 4/12 on Bella Union. Pre-order it here.

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