Gauche – “Conspiracy Theories” Video

Gauche are a Washington, DC-based band that includes members of Downtown Boys and Priests. They released their debut tape, Get Away With Gauche, back in 2015, and today they’re back with a new single, “Conspiracy Theories,” that’s being released via Merge Records. (They’ll put out their full-length later this year, though “Conspiracy Theories” won’t be on it.)

It’s a nervy and energetic track that contains a clear and concise message: “I hate Pizzagate/ Alex Jones, I hate you too/ Fuck you.” The sprawling conspiracy theory that includes the Comet Ping Pong hits especially close to home, considering many in the local DC punk scene work and perform at the pizza place/concert venue.

The track comes attached to a music video of the band playing the track live dressed in primary colors with a very ’90s-style disintegration. Watch and listen below.

“Conspiracy Theories” is out now via Merge Records.