YBN Cordae – “Locationships” Video

YBN Cordae – “Locationships” Video

The 21-year-old Maryland rapper YBN Cordae burst onto the national consciousness last year as part of the internet-spawned YBN Crew, and he immediately jumped out as that group’s most thoughtful, technically gifted, and generally promising rapper. And since his crew released their group effort YBN: The Mixtape, he’s been making a run as a solo artist. He shared his single “What’s Life” on New Years Eve, and now we’s come out with another one called “Locationships.”

“Locationships” isn’t the same kind of showcase for Cordae that a song like last year’s “Kung Fu” was. Instead, it’s a loose, amiable thing about all the girls who Cordae claims to be hooking up with. The song works in the grand tradition of Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls.” Like that one, it’s a goofy, casually objectifying series of Leno-caliber jokes, all about how all these girls are making Cordae’s life more complicated by having sex with him. But Cordae’s song has a bit of a punchline in that it implies that Cordae is really only daydreaming about doing all this stuff.

The video makes that punchline more explicit. It shows Cordae falling asleep in a filthy room and imagining himself into an old MTV Cribs episode. So it’s not a straightforward fantasy, anyway. Check it out below.

We will presumably get a Cordae album within the next few months.

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