Charly Bliss – “Capacity” Video (Dir. Japanese Breakfast)

Charly Bliss – “Capacity” Video (Dir. Japanese Breakfast)

New York rockers and Band To Watch alumni Charly Bliss impressed the hell out of us with their kickass debut Guppy, one of the very best albums of 2017. Late last year, they returned with the alt-rocking one-off single “Heaven,” which frontwoman Eva Grace Hendricks described as “the ending of one phase of our sound before we knew what was going to come next.” And today, we find out what’s going to come next.

Today, Charly Bliss have announced their sophomore LP Young Enough and shared its lead single “Capacity.” Sure enough, it sounds like the beginning of a new phase for Charly Bliss, with their sticky, hooky pop-rock calibrated ever so slightly further in the direction of pop. Buzzing synthesizer and bloopy keyboards, instead of frantically urgent guitar riffs, take the lead on this one, letting the focus remain squarely on the impeccable melodies in Hendricks’ sweet-and-sour rasp.

The song’s accompanying music video was directed by Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner, who’s building a nice little side career for herself as a director and who also makes a cameo as intrepid CB News reporter Shelly Breakfast. The clip opens with the pun “BLISS JUST IN” — also the title of Charly Bliss’ newsletter — and we’re off to the races from there, following the band on the run as they celebrate in the wake of a daring daytime heist.

In a press release, Hendricks says “Capacity” is “a song about wanting to kill your inner people-pleaser, and Michelle beautifully presented a parallel concept, which warns of the perils of getting swept up in other people’s bullshit.” Zauner adds, “I was watching a lot of heist movies at the time, and I thought a sort of post-heist fall out between friends was the perfect setting for this song about reaching your limit with someone.”

Watch and listen below.

01 “Blown To Bits”
02 “Capacity”
03 “Under You”
04 “Camera”
05 “Fighting In The Dark”
06 “Young Enough”
07 “Bleach”
08 “Chat Room”
09 “Hurt Me”
10 “Hard To Believe”
11 “The Truth”

Young Enough is out 5/10 on Barsuk. Pre-order it here.

Charly Bliss
CREDIT: Ebru Yildiz

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