Tim Hecker – “That World”

Tim Hecker – “That World”

Last year, Tim Hecker released a new album, Konoyo — it landed on our best electronic albums of the year list — and today he’s announced a companion piece to that album called Anoyo. It’s similar to what Hecker did with 2011’s Ravedeath, 1972 and Dropped Pianos, which served as an inverse of that album’s sounds.

The tracks on Anoyo come from the same sessions that resulted in Konoyo, but these are decidedly more stripped-back and sparse compositions, as evidenced by the first song he’s sharing from it, “That World,” which sounds like if someone sucked all the air out of Konoyo’s opener “This Life.”

Check the track out below.

01 “That World”
02 “Is But A Simulated Blur”
03 “Step Away From Konoyo”
04 “Into The Void”
05 “Not Alone”
06 “You Never Were”

Anoyo is out 5/10 via Kranky. Pre-order it here.

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