Stream Velvet Bethany’s New Album Rock And Roll Vacation

Velvet Bethany are a garage-punk band from Buffalo who play with a speedy urgency but who also write some pretty ferocious hooks. They’ve been cranking out DIY records for a few years, and they’ve just come out with a new one called Rock And Roll Vacation. There are moments on the short, sharp album that recall ’90s punks like Bikini Kill or the Rondelles, but they also cover a whole lot of aesthetic ground. There is, for example, one low-tech synth instrumental that sounds like an old-school video-game soundtrack and one spoken-word track about men acting like dickbags. A great place to start might be the revved-up and sugary “Significant Other,” an extremely catchy song about how “significant other” is a pretty shitty thing to call someone. Listen to the album below.

Rock And Roll Vacation is out now, and you can name your price to buy it at Bandcamp.