Helado Negro – “Running” Video

Helado Negro’s sixth full-length album, This Is How You Smile, is approaching. Continuing the album rollout, the Ecuadorian-American artist has released the airy third single from the record, “Running,” along with a video. We heard “Please Won’t Please” and “Pais Nublado” last year.

“Running” follows an enigmatic young man running through rustic, hilly terrain with determination. Shots of frantic motion are accented with languid drums, warm piano and Helado Negro’s soft croons.

Helado Negro mastermind Roberto Carlos Lange had this to say of the new song:

“Running” is a poem. In it, I’ve buried sentiments and personal histories. Most of it is just for me and some for you. The song started as a voice memo recording I made while on a trip to Mexico City in 2016. I was waiting outside of a restaurant to eat dinner, and I was feeling awkward and anxious, so I decided to be still and listen to everything around me and come up with a melody to sing into my phone.

According to the video’s director, David Merten, the video is chiefly about cyclical struggles: “I intentionally shot and edited the video with a frenetic pace to counter the mellow vibe of the song. The video concept was based around trying to outrun the past, while repeating it. Running in circles with no true end to the journey.”

Watch “Running” below.

This Is How You Smile is out 3/8 via RVNG Intl. Pre-order it here.