Sam Cohen – “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”

Sam Cohen – “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”

Longtime collaborators Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen produced Resistance Radio, a companion soundtrack for Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle, back in 2017. Now, the two are working together again on Cohen’s forthcoming album, The Future’s Still Ringing In My Ears, which Danger Mouse has co-produced. It’s set to come out in May on Danger Mouse’s label, 30th Century Records.

Today, we hear the album’s lead single, “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.” The song has an indie-psych, ’60s sound. Soulful guitars and keys eventually give way to spacey synth while Cohen sings of apocalyptic America, “Look at America, she’s too fat to riot/ The masters are put out to pasture/ Throw the baby out of the bathwater.”

Explains Cohen, “This song is just my latest little groover about how great things are going in the ol US of A.” Listen to it below.

01 “I Can’t Lose”
02 “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”
03 “Man On Fire”
04 “No Good and Trying”
05 “Invisible Song”
06 “Deafening Silence”
07 “Dead Rider”
08 “Let The Sun Come Through”
09 “Waiting For My Baby”
10 “Spinning Love”
11 “The Future”

The Future’s Still Ringing In My Ears is out 5/17 on 30th Century Records.

Sam Cohen
CREDIT: Kenneth Bachor

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