Stream Slant’s Vain Attempt EP

Slant are an absolutely fucking ferocious hardcore band from the South Korean metropolis of Seoul. Their band name makes them pretty difficult to Google, but I’m pretty sure all their only past release is a 2018 demo. But members of the band also play in the excellently named punk bands Skumraid and Bloodkrow Butcher. (Bloodkrow Butcher are apparently a Boston band, so maybe Slant are trans-Pacific?) But anyway, Slant just came out with a 7″ EP called Vain Attempt, and it rips so hard. There are four songs on the EP, and it’s over in well under eight minutes. It’s a bracing, urgent, primitive slap of hardcore, and it will make you feel like you can dropkick a hole in a brick wall. Stream it below.

The Vain Attempt EP is out now on Iron Lung.

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