Full Of Hell – “Burning Myrrh” Video

Full Of Hell – “Burning Myrrh” Video

Full Of Hell have announced a new album, Weeping Choir, their first for Relapse Records. Most recently, they put out a split with Intensive Care last year. The Maryland grindcore band also teamed up with the Body in 2017 for Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light, their second collaboration together. They also put out a full-length of their own, Trumpeting Ecstasy, that year.

Their new album was recorded by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios, and today they’re sharing its first single, “Burning Myrrh,” a pulverizing cut that comes with a music video directed by Cody Stauder. Listen and watch below.

01 “Burning Myrrh”
02 “Haunted Arches”
03 “Thundering Hammers”
04 “Rainbow Coil”
05 “Aria Of Jeweled Tears”
06 “Downward”
07 “Armory Of Obsidian Glass”
08 “Simaril”
09 “Angels Gather Here”
10 “Ygramul The Many”
11 “Cellar Of Doors”

Weeping Choir is out 5/17 via Relapse. Pre-order it here.

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