Sorry – “Jealous Guy” Video

Band To Watch alums Sorry are back with a new one, “Jealous Guy,” the latest in a string of singles that stretches back over the last year. This one was written in response to John Lennon’s Imagine track “Jealous Guy,” poking holes in the overbearing possessiveness of that song with Asha Lorenz’s snarl: “I’m a jealous guy/ Don’t wanna see your pretty eyes with anyone else,” she sings, the track dizzying out into a carnival twirl.

It comes attached to a goofy music video where all four of the band members ham it up for the camera, with big sunglasses and hats and cigars and a saxophone. “We played on the saxophone idea — I guess like a Madness or The Specials video or like the Blues Brothers, sharply dressed and funny, interesting shots of us about town,” Lorenz explained in a statement. “The theme of jealousy runs through the video and the last shot is Asha killing Louis due to her jealousy.”

Watch and listen below.

“Jealous Guy” is out now via Domino.