Ruston Kelly – “All Too Well” (Taylor Swift Cover)

Last year, Nashville singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly released his debut album, Dying Star. Today, he’s putting out a cover of Taylor Swift’s Red track “All Too Well,” which is maybe the best song of all time? (Fight me!) His take is a bit more atmospheric, a swirl of vocals that fades rather than sparks out. It was put out through Amazon Original’s covers series.

“‘All Too Well’ is one of those special songs that never leaves you,” Kelly told Billboard. “It follows you and haunts you and sticks to you because it reminds you of what you thought you’d finally forgotten. It teleports you to old magic feelings, the little perfect moments in a relationship way ahead of its doom. It shows you how happiness with someone can feel so infinite and true. But it calls to the end of things and it shows the color of the flame. It fucks you up. A large testament to Taylor and Liz’s [Rose] craftsmanship no doubt.”

Listen to it via Amazon Music, if you’ve got it, below.